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Panca Sradha

Our founders have passed on a legacy of Corporate values known as "Panca Sradha" that now serves as a code of conduct for all employees and to help us behave as one team across our different markets and functions.


What They Say About Working in KGbio?

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Stephanie, BD&L Associate

Extensive learning opportunities, exciting projects, and great colleagues all in one place. Working at KGbio has been an enjoyable journey that allowed me to grow both professionally and personally.

Gregoriana, Finance Officer

The working environment are really comfortable! Through my work here, I've learned so much and have gained valuable experience that I know will serve me well in the future.

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Lolita, CTA-Clinical Affairs

Working in KGBio feels like growing in a big family. It is a continuous learning, with endless supports from colleagues, and positive work environment.

Maria, Finance Intern

The internship experience at KGbio was very enjoyable, and I also gained new knowledge and experience. The work environment here is also comfortable, and all the employees are kind and friendly.

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